Janacek Philharmonic Orchestra

17.00-19.00 Entertainment program (JPO courtyard and orchestra rehearsal room, room 217)

Entertaining production designed not only for families with children. Imaginary trip around the world in a specially modified “truck”, musical alphabet, lots of games and quizzes, cheerful music making, tombola, creative workshops for children and adults.

17.00-19.00 Music Cinema Café (Concert hall, room 221)

An intriguing film loop of mini-documentaries, free refreshments.

19.30-20.00 Musical performance (Concert hall, room 221)

Unusual interactive musical performances for all ages.

20.30 to 22.30 Music Cinema Café (Concert hall, room 221)

Film screenings, free refreshments.

17.00-23.00 Music Trail – a stroll through the history and present of the Philharmonic

The exhibition mapping the life of the Philharmonic – a pocket guide to the world of the orchestra, backstage tour and look into the interior of an organ, a gift for every visitor.


Janáčkova filharmonie Ostrava
28. října 124
702 00 Ostrava
e-mail: office@jfo.cz
web: www.jfo.cz
phone number: 596 619 914, 597 489 495



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