Magna Gallery

17.00-22.00 Exhibition of paintings and puppet sculptures by Martin Kuriš

The author is an Academy of Fine Arts graduate (B. Dlouhý, F. Hodonský, A. Střížek). He focuses on paintings while his mainly figurative, strongly narrative work tells powerful human stories. As a background he often chooses the surrounding countryside. He is also an illustrator and a literature author. In the period of 2002-2010 the titles Don Giovanni, Magda, Baryk and Navarana were written.

The book Navarana was awarded the 2010 Golden Ribbon award for children’s book illustrations. His narrative art work and pedagogical activities led him to another phenomenon – puppet theater. First, he paints a picture that opens up a story. Then there comes a series of other paintings. Cycles change usually in a year interval. At the end of the story the paintings are jumbled up in order to create a mosaic of the story. Then the author adds a text, which he publishes as a book. In the end he transforms the story into a puppet theater.

17.00-22.00 Parents reading to children

During the Museum Night, parents and children can borrow short stories books by Martin Kuriš and read them in the gallery between the exhibited paintings and puppets. Then they have (in the case of interest) the opportunity to purchase the books at reduced prices.


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