Fakulta umění Ostravské univerzity v Ostravě

17.00-19.00 Musical performance by a girls flute trio (The Fire-fighting Museum in Ostrava)

17.00-22.00 Touch the music (The Faculty of Fine Arts, Sokolská třída 17)

During the Ostrava Museum Night we will open the building for all the visitors and we find time for every single one of you:

  • We’ll show you the whole school building
  • You can visit our opera wardrobe department
  • We introduce you to the work of the Orchestra and the Opera Studio of the Faculty of Fine Arts
  • You can play various musical instruments
  • You will see how we work
  • Be brave and let us teach you 


The Faculty of Fine Arts
Podlahova 3, 709 00 Ostrava
Phone number: 597 092 950, 738 512 950