Planetarium Ostrava

Although the Planetarium building is still under reconstruction, we would like the visitors to see the universe and the beauties of the day and night sky!

17.00-23.00 Inflatable Planetarium

Like last year, we invite those interested to our inflatable planetarium, that will be this time located in the new auditorium of the VŠB – Technical University of Ostrava. The performances start every hour on the hour, while the first starts at 17.00 and the last starts at 23.00.

And what can you experience?

Virtual space flight – a visit to the ISS space station, a tour of the planets of the solar system, a flight through the Milky Way and a journey almost to the edge of the known universe. Or you can watch some of our programs produced specifically for projection in the planetarium. The projection is unique because the projected image completely surrounds you and everywhere you look, you see it!

Come experience it!

Given the relatively small capacity of the inflatable planetarium (20 persons), it is necessary to book tickets in advance through the reservation system .


Planetarium Ostrava
17. listopadu 15, building of the new auditorium hall, Ostrava-Poruba
Phone number: 596 994 950


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