Gallery of Fine Arts in Ostrava,
contributory organization

17.00 to 23.45 Free admission to exhibitions

Petr Pastrňák – Wind ripples a serene forest (from 7.5. to 29.6.)

František Bílek – Pilgrim in a timeless place (from 7.5. to 29.6.)

Cake and Lemon Eaters – Viktor PIVOVAROV & Ged QUINN
(from 23.5. to 20.7.)

17.00–20.00 Art workshops

Creative workshops for creative souls of all ages. Under the guidance of an experienced artist you can try different techniques.

17.00–20.00 Paper swap

Creative workshops for creative souls of all ages. For 20 CZK, you can make a paper eye mask and take upon yourself a form of a clown, an elephant, lion, monkey, cat … Or create your own monster that may serve as an original bookmark.

18.00–19.00 Interactive photo shooting

Shadow plays in masks with a photo as a memento.

18.00–19.30 Comedians in the gallery

On stilts, live Pierrot statue, clown and balloon flying.

19.00–20.00 LoDivadlo – Puppet Theatre – About a Fisherman and his wife

The story was inspired by a popular Russian fairy tale and Jan Werich’s fairy tale. Printed puppets, mime and an actor Radek Pokorny bring children and adults into a fairy tale.

20.15–20.45 Concert Jan Lö (Ostravská drůbež) – accordion

21.00–21.30 Djembe drums: music band Soul

21.40–22.00 FireDucks! Pantomime fire show

The performance combines artistic disciplines with fire and pantomime. A theatrical fire show about two male ducks fighting for the heart of a charming lady duck. Danger, fight, lust, sex appeal and humor!

The mating call of wild ducks is very characteristic. First both partners swim around each other, the male with a bended beak, ruffled head and constant wriggling seeks the favor of a female. Once the female chooses a partner she begins to swim around him, prods him with movements of the head over her shoulder to attack other male ducks in the flock, and when the male responses, at least suggestively, the partnership is sealed and it lasts.

Fire show by the group FireDucks! You will not see the classic fire show, which have already seen a lot. You will see a totally different new concept! A combination of theater performance and fire show. Danger, fight, lust , sex appeal and humor!

Two rivals are fighting for one seductress. Each of them showing off his feathers as best as he can and trying to make the female fall in love right with him. She does not know which one to choose. Therefore they compete in a fierce duel. Who will win?

Starring Míša Hradecká, Ondřej Holba and Jakub Urban.

Before beginning of any program drumming on djembe – music band Soul.



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