Antiquarian bookshop and club Fiducia

17.00-19.00 Martin Strakoš: From Fifejdy to Kamenec, or from housing estate to housing estate.

The architectonic walk is this time focusing on the city outskirts and housing estates. Both types of location and buildings are typical for a significant part of Ostrava, so we will walk through them from Mariánské Hory to the right bank of Ostravice in the Silesian Ostrava. We discover various parts of the Fifejdy housing estate, visit Minicoutryside by a sculptor Kurt Gebauer, stop by the new Orchard office complex. Then we overcome transport barriers in the form of Místecká street and Friedland tracks, around which the typical outskirts and “non-places” extend. They rapidly increase in number and become characteristic for the contemporary human settlements. On the side of the center of Ostrava we stop at an apartment complex, which shows how the center of Ostrava would have been rebuilt, if… Then we pass the winding tower of the Jindřich Mine to the Jindřiška housing estate and through the Komensky park. We finish the walk at the beginning of the Kamenec housing estate in the Silesian Ostrava.
Meeting at the Fifejdy I. housing estate by the clock tower of the commercial and social center between the streets of Jiřího Trnky and Generála Hrušky, in Ostrava- Marianské Hory.

18.00-22.00 Free tours of the antiquarian bookshop and the art galleries

A museum literary competition with attractive prices in the antiquarian bookshop.

18.00-22.00 Special museum workshops for children

For children and their parents with an artist Marcela Lysáčková.



Antiquarian bookshop and club Fiducia,
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