Ostrava City Hall

The City of Ostrava ceremonially inaugurates the citywide Museum Night in the presence of the Mayor Petr Kajnar at Prokešovo Square at 18.00. The visitors can participate in the ceremony by releasing soap bubbles. The bubble blowers will be distributed in front of the town hall building from half past five. The city joins the Ostrava Museum Night 2014 with the traditional tours of the town hall in an unusual time, night views from the town hall towerand supporting entertaining program at Prokešovo Square. The theme of this year’s program at the square is Ostrava in paintings from the old times, to which you will be invited by a presenter – a figure from the history of Ostrava already at 17.30. The program at the square ends with a grand and colorful fire show.

17.30-18.00 Bubble blowers launch the Ostrava Museum Night!

Opening of the citywide program at Prokešovo Square. The visitors can pick up their bubble blowers on Prokešovo square and at 18.00, together with the Mayor Peter Kajnar open the Ostrava Museum Night 2014.

17.30-21.00 Program for children at Prokešovo Square with the Ostrava centers of leisure time

Creative early evening for children, painting, drawing, contests, making masks and decorations, and other fun activities with teachers from leisure time centers Ostrava. This year on the theme of knights, princesses and history.

18.00-23.00 Historical pictures of Ostrava at Prokešovo Square Visitors will be greeted by a presenter in the role of a historical figure. During the evening you will see a series of performances with various historical figures, dance, music, fencing performances, period fashion show and other interesting program. All this under the open sky in a nice romantic atmosphere and with themed refreshments.

18.00-23.00 Tours of the Ostrava City Hall representative premises

Guided group tours of the town hall including the Mayor ‘s office. The last entry is at 23.00.

18.30-23.00 Views from the city hall tower

Evening and night views from the observation deck of the tower at the height of 73 m. There are two telescopes available for the visitors. The last entry is at 23.00

21.30 and 22.30 Fire show


Ostrava City Hall
Prokešovo náměstí 1803/8,
702 00 Ostrava
phone number 596 281 111, 599 443 096
www: www.ostrava.cz / www.ostravainfo.cz