Lower Vítkovice

18.00–00.00 Guided tours of the architecture of the National Cultural Monument The Lower Area of Vítkovice

Tour of Europe’s unique industrial complex, where the production of pig iron was replaced by a nontraditional education, culture, arts and entertainment.

You can enjoy a guided tour of the entrance hall of Gong, an architecturally magnificent building which boasts the title Construction of the Czech Republic and belongs to the top 10 structures in the world.

A possibility of paid tours:

18.00–00.00 Tours of the Blast Furnace No. 1 – VP1. Ride up in a skip hoist, adrenaline view of Ostrava at night from the height of almost 70 meters, a tour of a Command Center and inside of a blast furnace. Free tour schedule, the sale of the tickets ends at 23.00.

Admission fee: 150, – CZK / person – adult, 90, – CZK / person – discounted

18.00–00.00 Tour of the interactive exhibition U6 – technological exhibition for all generations. Tickets are sold until 23.00 at the reception of the U6 building.

Admission fee : 110, – CZK / person – adult, 70, – CZK / person – discounted


Lower Vítkovice
Ruská 2993
706 02 Ostrava-Vítkovice
e-mail: nkp@vitkovice.cz
web: www.dolnioblastvitkovice.cz
Phone number: 724 955 121