The Fire-fighting Museum in Ostrava

16.00-00.00 The history and the present of the firefighters in and around Ostrava

  • Exhibition of historic firefighting equipment
  • Projections of supporting film materials
  • Exhibition of contemporary technical equipment of the FRS of the Moravian-Silesian Region
  • Contests for children in pumping water using historical fire fighting pumps, spraying at targets with a bucket pump, firefighting skittles
  • Demonstration of activities in an emergency call centre serviced by a professional dispatcher

17.00-19.00 Musical performance by a girls flute trio from the Faculty of Arts, University of Ostrava

17.00-22.00 Historical fighting techniques in period uniforms

Every hour on the hour.

17.00-22.00 Demonstration of a historical firefighting vehicle.

Every hour on the hour.

All demonstrations and competitions will be commented, small souvenir prizes for children in competitions.


The Fire-fighting Museum in Ostrava
Zákrejsova 3/53
702 00 Ostrava
phone number596 136 841


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