The Museum Lines Timetables

Timetables of the 2014 museum lines in the PDF format

mapka-muzejni-noc-2014_ostrava mapka-muzejni-noc-2014_centrum


For the ” Ostrava Museum Night” event the Ostrava Public Transport Company a.s. provides special free buses that will connect the individual sites with participating institutions. There will be a total of four bus lines in operation, designated by the letters A, B, C, D with a common departure stop “Výstaviště”. Departures from the Výstaviště stop are scheduled for every 5th, 25th and 45th minute. At the Výstaviště stop, the buses from all the lines will meet and connection will be secured between them to allow the passengers to change and visit all the participating cultural institutions.

Transportation of passengers on these „museum“ lines is free of charge