Janacek Conservatory and Grammar School in Ostrava

Janacek Conservatory and Grammar School in Ostrava was founded in 1953; last year we celebrated 60 years since its founding. It is an educational facility that, because of its activities, has become a popular cultural and artistic center of Ostrava. It is an organizer of a number of artistic projects and activities. Through its activity it helps to fulfill the dreams of many talented children.

17.00–17.15 Popular and jazz songs interpreted by JCGSO (Foyer)

17.00–19.00 Recording studio (3rd floor)

For the visitors there will be open a recording studio where they can try to work in front of a microphone with the assistance of professional engineers.

17.20–17.55 Kuba Kupčík and samba (Foyer)

Try samba drumming along with teachers and students of the striking department.

18.00–18.15 Dancing foyer (L. Janacek Hall)

Presentation of students from the dance department. At 18.30 and 19.00 we continue with presentations of classical dance in the ballet hall.

18.20–18.35 Music performance by an accordion ensemble (Foyer)

18.40–19.00 The world of musical melodies (Foyer)

Performed by students from the vocal department.

19.05–19.25 A JCGSO Saxophone Quartet performs for well-being (Foyer)

19.30–21.15 N. V. Gogol – Marriage (L. Janacek Hall)

Open rehearsal by the 3rd grade students of music and dramatic arts.

21.30–22.40 S. Mrożek – Striptease (L. Janacek Hall)

Performance by students from the 4th and 5th grade of music and dramatic arts.





Janacek Conservatory and Grammar School in Ostrava
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Phone number: 596 112 007
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